Friday, December 28, 2012

Almost a NEW Year

Wow o.k. so my last post was back in May!  What happened to me?  I swear I have good intentions lets hope this time I can stick with this.  Well you never really know what will happen if you don't try, right?  And so I start again!  I did not accomplish many things I wanted to in 2012 but I still think it was a great year.  I FEEL the best I have in a long time even if I did not make it to the start line of 3 races I registered for.   It is o.k..... I have learned (hopefully) and will take those lessons to build my next year with a little more realistic expectations.  I am not going to be winning any races so ... I am focused on ahieving happiness and fitness in 2013. 

I read this book about a year ago and never really quit understood it until a few weeks ago.  I changed a lot of what I do on a regular basis and have lot of work still to be done but.... I do FEEL ... Younger this year than I did five years ago... I think it is possible to stop the aging clock... Maybe I don't look younger but I sure feel it.... maybe you might want to read this book... there is a mens version (the original) and a womans version... Younger Next might just change your life!

As 2012 comes to a close I think 2013 has so much to offer I am really excited at the possibilities... and sharing my wins along the way as I have a lot of to look forward to in 2013.

So hang on and get ready for a FUN year! 

Are you ready for the NEW Year?  I am ...

Here is what I am looking forward to...

Running ... new distances, hopefuly faster and most definetely some new races.  Might even do one of those crazy MUD things. 

Eating... well yes we must eat to live but I am revamping my diet and going to try new things.  Trying to keep my diet as healthy as possible.  Stay tuned .. this will be a journey and I am sure I will have a lot to share on this subject.  FOOD is one of my most favorite things!  In just 3 days I am going to try 28 days of CLEAN eating following the Engine 2 Diet...basically clean eating...I think it will be fun... I am pretty close to doing this anyway way ... I will document my journey so you can see what happens!

Friends...making new ones, keeping the old ones and creating long lasting memories ... probably eating and running with most of them along the way!

Travel...hmmm yep somehow someway this will happen.  New beginnings in a lot of ways.  Going to see my kids will be one of my frequent destinations BUT hopefully there will be many new placeses too.

NEW things .... well who know but maybe I might try adding something different to my exercise routine to just see what could happen.  Maybe I might get stronger and fitter and be able to EAT more stuff with a leaner, meaner body!

So yep ... kind of vague things ... trying to enjoy the journey of what 2013 will bring without too much expectations!  I can't wait to see how the year unfolds.

And you  might get to hear some crazy stories along the way or some useless tip I picked up.  Trust me I have a lot of stuff rolling around in my head.  Don't we all?  I never thought anyone wanted to know any of the stuff but the more I talk to people and see how I can make them laugh and something I say ... I figure why not actually write this stuff down and see what happens.

GIDDY UP .... look out 2013 HERE WE GO!

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