Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lets Start At the Beginning!

Didn't mean to take so long before writing my next post.

Still trying to figure this all out but can't really use that as an excuse if I don't actually try to figure it all out.

Today's topic! I think I'll just start at the beginning since we kicked off our spring No Boundaries session at Fleet Feet North Wales tonight.

Beginning of what? I guess I'm thinking the beginning of what could be a life changing experience. It was for me and for many of the participants in this awesome program sponsored by NewBalance! RUNNING!

Wow! I am thinking it's only been three years since I started running and it is pretty crazy -- so much has happened in that time!  Good and Bad but running pretty much has saved my life (not in a physical sense but an emotional one!) and is what keeps me going many days. Some days when I run I actually think I can walk faster than I run. I don't do it for speed. I do it for sanity, for friendship and for fun.

Most of my runs are with others. I'm usually the one talking nonstop and whoever I run with usually can't get a word in. But there are times when nobody talks and its ok just to be in the moment and hear our breath and heart beat. I ran just short of 11 miles yesterday -- by myself and no music.  Oh my gosh it was the best run I have ever had -- cleared my mind -- its pretty full these days but never have I ever done that much by myself.  I can not believe I did it.

I love sharing my passion to be a healthier person with others. If that means running a little slower some days I do it with a smile. I'm lucky enough right now to be able to work at Fleet Feet so it's easy to share my story with others. Running your first 5k is huge! Take it slow! Enjoy the journey, don't worry about your speed and have fun! It's only just begun !

Whats up next on the blog!  Not sure but I have some good ideas... stay tuned.  Promise it won't be so long until my next post!

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