Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm supposedly training for two half marathons coming up pretty soon (May 13th - Delaware Running Festival and 6/2 Virginia Wine Country).  But I really am such a slug. I am so not motivated to be following any type of plan.  I run when I want and for however long I want. My biggest motivation is when I run with the training group at the store but I don't get to do that as much as I would like.  I am finding I am running a lot more by myself these days than I used too.  Kind of sad but I guess a reality that I must come to grips with!  Another topic for another day is loneliness and how to cope with that (stay tuned)

May 13th is going to be a real eye opener as to what happens.  Yikes I'm a little scared and thoughts of setting a new PR are probably not going to happen.

Wondering where the motivation has gone.  I think about running -- all the time.  But when the alarm goes off at 5:45 I just can't do it.  I'm getting 3 runs in a week but I think I really need to push the mileage up and add a day.  Its getting close to D-Day -- am I going to do it or is it too late?

Now I am thinking I'll shoot for my PR on June 2nd when I run the Virginia Wine Country Half.  But... wow it can be hot then.  And yes there might be some hills.  And I might drink too much wine on Friday night.  So do I run for a PR or do I just enjoy the moment?  I love to run and have always run because of the people I run with.  If I start taking my training too seriously am I still going to like running?


Here is my list:
  • To talk -- sometimes I am the only one talking (oh maybe this might mean I'm not training hard enough)
  • To think -- I used to run with headphones... since separating from my husband I've put them away and use this time to think. And I think ... a lot when I do run by myself.  I am considering to start wearing them on one run a week just to add a little spice.  What's on your IPOD?
  • So I can EAT!  --YEP I really like eating.  I eat pretty good most of the time but I do like to treat myself.  I can say I have not been on a scale in over a year so I must be doing something right!
  • To FEEL GOOD!  -- oh yes my day goes so much better if I do make it out the door in the morning. 
  • To LOOK Good! -- I will admit I never knew I had this body in me.  I feel and look good so I keep running.  I don't like the way I used to look before running!
  • Cause I can -- someday I may not be able to run.  So I run today because I never know what the next day may bring. 
Leave me a comment why you run -- sorry no contest or give-away just motivation for the rest of us ... o.k. the other two people who actually read this blog!  Someday you never know who will read this?
This is enough motivation to run.  I don't need to PR in my races.  I just want to have fun and inspire those in my life to be healthy too.  Some day I am holding out hope my kids will run a 5k with me. 

After writing this blog last night ... I got up this morning and ran 11.5 miles this morning and I signed up for my first MARATHON.  So ... now I have to run!

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  1. OH I run to get away from my kids - ha just kidding!

    I think you should pick a goal and then set a plan to get there!