Friday, May 18, 2012

Race Report #1 - Delaware Running Festival

So my first "race" of the Season is complete.  I put quotes because I have never really raced a race... I just run... but over the next few months I will be learning how to change that and bring my game face game race day!

I ran the Delaware Half Marathon -- part of the Delaware Marathon Running Festival -- on May 13th (mothers day).

I have never really been to Delaware to speak of so I did not really know what to expect.  I've driven through the state and really did not think there was much to this state.  OK so I didn't really see Delaware this day either but... I will have to say I was impressed.

The start/end of the race is located along the river.  The first 2 miles of the race you run along the river (at first it was weird as it was in a business park) that looks like it is being developed and is really cute with some neat shops and restaurants -- I think I would like to check this out sometime for fun (well maybe when I have someone to check it out with!).

This was my 3rd half marathon and so far my favorite.  I also ran Broad street one year.  The other races were HUGE!  OK running with 30,000 other people has some perks because you are never alone but ... I don't know this race had all the amenities those big races have but better.  Prior to the race it was like a big party with music and stuff. They even had water and bananas out for people -- maybe other stuff too I did not explore too much. The weather was perfect (to start) too so that might have been another plus.

Half Marathon Training group from Fleet Feet North Wales
I was the only one that "checked" a bag because I had my post run recovery items I wanted after the race --compression socks, flip flops, long sleeve shirt and my recovery drink.  So as far as checking -- you wrote your name on a tag and put it in a roped off area -- it is unmanned but as far as I could tell it was not a big deal and after the race it was super easy to get my bag.  I had nothing stolen so I don't think security is an issue.  This was the first time I checked a bag so I have nothing to compare it too but ... I thought it was good.  Since I am starting to pay more attention to my nutrition my post run recovery drink was essential to me.  And of course my compression sleeves!

There are a lot of details about the day that I will leave out.  My fueling was good and I felt well prepared for the race.  The weather did get a little hot but the course has a lot of shade.  There are a few hills -- yes and they were killer -- but the course is great.  A large portion is run through a park and very cute neighborhoods.  There are a lot of turns but I think they did a great job to keep it interesting as 13.1 miles is not a walk in the park.  There are also 3 other races going on -- you have the marathoners that start first and do 2 loops of the 13.1 course.  Than there are 2 relays of the marathon -- 4 person and 8 person teams.  Truly something for everyone.  A great first race I think for many. 

OK so as far as running -- well not much to say.  I felt kind of bloated the whole race ... still have to work on perfecting my pre-race plan to eliminate this in the future.  But I did what I wanted to do, which was beat my last half time of 2:14:03 -- my time at this race was 2:09:29!  Not too bad...I walked more than I should have and probably didn't push as much as I could have --the difference between racing and running! 

By Wednesday I felt great and ready to run again -- went out for a short run on Tuesday just to loosen the muscles.  I think it was probably the fastest recovery I have had from a long race!  Hmmm must be doing something right!

Up next Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon on June 2nd -- my goal is to run faster than 2:09:29!  I think I can do it but will I? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marathon Here I Come

I'm doing it!  Yep ... so here goes everything!  From now until November 18th I will be training for a MARATHON!

Never in a million years would I have thought I would run a marathon.  Only crazy people do that.  Well..... I am officially CRAZY.

I am slightly nervouse but I have some great running friends that will support me along the way.  Stacey... my hero is going to push me and coach me to be the woman I know I have in me.  And we have lots of work to do.  I am a work in progress but... the final result is going to be awesome.  Not just a marathon but so much more is going to happen with this.

So stay tuned for updates about my training.

FIRST up Delaware Half Marathon -- Sunday May 13th!  Yep just a few days ahead.  I don't feel I am 100% ready ... I know I can run it.  But I know I could be better prepared.  I have not taken my training seriously this spring... big mistake but I had no idea what was going to happen and how motivated I am now to do my best.  So... here goes everything!

Eating right and fueling -- keys for this week.  I never took it serious but I now know how wrong that was.  Last week for the first time ever I ate when I got up before I ran.  It was the best 5 miles I ever ran...without trying. My speed was o.k. without pushing to be fast but what amazed me most is my Heart Rate... I was running faster and my HR was lower than it normally was.  I can not wait to see what training correctly can actually do for me. 

I hope by learning this information, I can help others find their potential as an athlete just waiting to be unleashed.  Who said you had to be fast?  Not me... in fact I am o.k. not being fast (until I try to keep up with Stacey and Sarah on those days I know we are going to run together and I will be the turtle holding you back)  I just want to be my best and have fun doing this thing. 

Thank you running friends... I can not wait to see what 2012 has in store for me!

Follow along -- hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to share and learn a few things along the way! 

Other races on my schedule with more fun stuff to share soon!

Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon - June 2nd
Warrior Dash - June 16th
Quadzilla 15k Trail Run - July 15th
Bucks County MARATHON - November 18th