Friday, December 28, 2012

Almost a NEW Year

Wow o.k. so my last post was back in May!  What happened to me?  I swear I have good intentions lets hope this time I can stick with this.  Well you never really know what will happen if you don't try, right?  And so I start again!  I did not accomplish many things I wanted to in 2012 but I still think it was a great year.  I FEEL the best I have in a long time even if I did not make it to the start line of 3 races I registered for.   It is o.k..... I have learned (hopefully) and will take those lessons to build my next year with a little more realistic expectations.  I am not going to be winning any races so ... I am focused on ahieving happiness and fitness in 2013. 

I read this book about a year ago and never really quit understood it until a few weeks ago.  I changed a lot of what I do on a regular basis and have lot of work still to be done but.... I do FEEL ... Younger this year than I did five years ago... I think it is possible to stop the aging clock... Maybe I don't look younger but I sure feel it.... maybe you might want to read this book... there is a mens version (the original) and a womans version... Younger Next might just change your life!

As 2012 comes to a close I think 2013 has so much to offer I am really excited at the possibilities... and sharing my wins along the way as I have a lot of to look forward to in 2013.

So hang on and get ready for a FUN year! 

Are you ready for the NEW Year?  I am ...

Here is what I am looking forward to...

Running ... new distances, hopefuly faster and most definetely some new races.  Might even do one of those crazy MUD things. 

Eating... well yes we must eat to live but I am revamping my diet and going to try new things.  Trying to keep my diet as healthy as possible.  Stay tuned .. this will be a journey and I am sure I will have a lot to share on this subject.  FOOD is one of my most favorite things!  In just 3 days I am going to try 28 days of CLEAN eating following the Engine 2 Diet...basically clean eating...I think it will be fun... I am pretty close to doing this anyway way ... I will document my journey so you can see what happens!

Friends...making new ones, keeping the old ones and creating long lasting memories ... probably eating and running with most of them along the way!

Travel...hmmm yep somehow someway this will happen.  New beginnings in a lot of ways.  Going to see my kids will be one of my frequent destinations BUT hopefully there will be many new placeses too.

NEW things .... well who know but maybe I might try adding something different to my exercise routine to just see what could happen.  Maybe I might get stronger and fitter and be able to EAT more stuff with a leaner, meaner body!

So yep ... kind of vague things ... trying to enjoy the journey of what 2013 will bring without too much expectations!  I can't wait to see how the year unfolds.

And you  might get to hear some crazy stories along the way or some useless tip I picked up.  Trust me I have a lot of stuff rolling around in my head.  Don't we all?  I never thought anyone wanted to know any of the stuff but the more I talk to people and see how I can make them laugh and something I say ... I figure why not actually write this stuff down and see what happens.

GIDDY UP .... look out 2013 HERE WE GO!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Race Report #1 - Delaware Running Festival

So my first "race" of the Season is complete.  I put quotes because I have never really raced a race... I just run... but over the next few months I will be learning how to change that and bring my game face game race day!

I ran the Delaware Half Marathon -- part of the Delaware Marathon Running Festival -- on May 13th (mothers day).

I have never really been to Delaware to speak of so I did not really know what to expect.  I've driven through the state and really did not think there was much to this state.  OK so I didn't really see Delaware this day either but... I will have to say I was impressed.

The start/end of the race is located along the river.  The first 2 miles of the race you run along the river (at first it was weird as it was in a business park) that looks like it is being developed and is really cute with some neat shops and restaurants -- I think I would like to check this out sometime for fun (well maybe when I have someone to check it out with!).

This was my 3rd half marathon and so far my favorite.  I also ran Broad street one year.  The other races were HUGE!  OK running with 30,000 other people has some perks because you are never alone but ... I don't know this race had all the amenities those big races have but better.  Prior to the race it was like a big party with music and stuff. They even had water and bananas out for people -- maybe other stuff too I did not explore too much. The weather was perfect (to start) too so that might have been another plus.

Half Marathon Training group from Fleet Feet North Wales
I was the only one that "checked" a bag because I had my post run recovery items I wanted after the race --compression socks, flip flops, long sleeve shirt and my recovery drink.  So as far as checking -- you wrote your name on a tag and put it in a roped off area -- it is unmanned but as far as I could tell it was not a big deal and after the race it was super easy to get my bag.  I had nothing stolen so I don't think security is an issue.  This was the first time I checked a bag so I have nothing to compare it too but ... I thought it was good.  Since I am starting to pay more attention to my nutrition my post run recovery drink was essential to me.  And of course my compression sleeves!

There are a lot of details about the day that I will leave out.  My fueling was good and I felt well prepared for the race.  The weather did get a little hot but the course has a lot of shade.  There are a few hills -- yes and they were killer -- but the course is great.  A large portion is run through a park and very cute neighborhoods.  There are a lot of turns but I think they did a great job to keep it interesting as 13.1 miles is not a walk in the park.  There are also 3 other races going on -- you have the marathoners that start first and do 2 loops of the 13.1 course.  Than there are 2 relays of the marathon -- 4 person and 8 person teams.  Truly something for everyone.  A great first race I think for many. 

OK so as far as running -- well not much to say.  I felt kind of bloated the whole race ... still have to work on perfecting my pre-race plan to eliminate this in the future.  But I did what I wanted to do, which was beat my last half time of 2:14:03 -- my time at this race was 2:09:29!  Not too bad...I walked more than I should have and probably didn't push as much as I could have --the difference between racing and running! 

By Wednesday I felt great and ready to run again -- went out for a short run on Tuesday just to loosen the muscles.  I think it was probably the fastest recovery I have had from a long race!  Hmmm must be doing something right!

Up next Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon on June 2nd -- my goal is to run faster than 2:09:29!  I think I can do it but will I? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marathon Here I Come

I'm doing it!  Yep ... so here goes everything!  From now until November 18th I will be training for a MARATHON!

Never in a million years would I have thought I would run a marathon.  Only crazy people do that.  Well..... I am officially CRAZY.

I am slightly nervouse but I have some great running friends that will support me along the way.  Stacey... my hero is going to push me and coach me to be the woman I know I have in me.  And we have lots of work to do.  I am a work in progress but... the final result is going to be awesome.  Not just a marathon but so much more is going to happen with this.

So stay tuned for updates about my training.

FIRST up Delaware Half Marathon -- Sunday May 13th!  Yep just a few days ahead.  I don't feel I am 100% ready ... I know I can run it.  But I know I could be better prepared.  I have not taken my training seriously this spring... big mistake but I had no idea what was going to happen and how motivated I am now to do my best.  So... here goes everything!

Eating right and fueling -- keys for this week.  I never took it serious but I now know how wrong that was.  Last week for the first time ever I ate when I got up before I ran.  It was the best 5 miles I ever ran...without trying. My speed was o.k. without pushing to be fast but what amazed me most is my Heart Rate... I was running faster and my HR was lower than it normally was.  I can not wait to see what training correctly can actually do for me. 

I hope by learning this information, I can help others find their potential as an athlete just waiting to be unleashed.  Who said you had to be fast?  Not me... in fact I am o.k. not being fast (until I try to keep up with Stacey and Sarah on those days I know we are going to run together and I will be the turtle holding you back)  I just want to be my best and have fun doing this thing. 

Thank you running friends... I can not wait to see what 2012 has in store for me!

Follow along -- hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to share and learn a few things along the way! 

Other races on my schedule with more fun stuff to share soon!

Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon - June 2nd
Warrior Dash - June 16th
Quadzilla 15k Trail Run - July 15th
Bucks County MARATHON - November 18th

Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm supposedly training for two half marathons coming up pretty soon (May 13th - Delaware Running Festival and 6/2 Virginia Wine Country).  But I really am such a slug. I am so not motivated to be following any type of plan.  I run when I want and for however long I want. My biggest motivation is when I run with the training group at the store but I don't get to do that as much as I would like.  I am finding I am running a lot more by myself these days than I used too.  Kind of sad but I guess a reality that I must come to grips with!  Another topic for another day is loneliness and how to cope with that (stay tuned)

May 13th is going to be a real eye opener as to what happens.  Yikes I'm a little scared and thoughts of setting a new PR are probably not going to happen.

Wondering where the motivation has gone.  I think about running -- all the time.  But when the alarm goes off at 5:45 I just can't do it.  I'm getting 3 runs in a week but I think I really need to push the mileage up and add a day.  Its getting close to D-Day -- am I going to do it or is it too late?

Now I am thinking I'll shoot for my PR on June 2nd when I run the Virginia Wine Country Half.  But... wow it can be hot then.  And yes there might be some hills.  And I might drink too much wine on Friday night.  So do I run for a PR or do I just enjoy the moment?  I love to run and have always run because of the people I run with.  If I start taking my training too seriously am I still going to like running?


Here is my list:
  • To talk -- sometimes I am the only one talking (oh maybe this might mean I'm not training hard enough)
  • To think -- I used to run with headphones... since separating from my husband I've put them away and use this time to think. And I think ... a lot when I do run by myself.  I am considering to start wearing them on one run a week just to add a little spice.  What's on your IPOD?
  • So I can EAT!  --YEP I really like eating.  I eat pretty good most of the time but I do like to treat myself.  I can say I have not been on a scale in over a year so I must be doing something right!
  • To FEEL GOOD!  -- oh yes my day goes so much better if I do make it out the door in the morning. 
  • To LOOK Good! -- I will admit I never knew I had this body in me.  I feel and look good so I keep running.  I don't like the way I used to look before running!
  • Cause I can -- someday I may not be able to run.  So I run today because I never know what the next day may bring. 
Leave me a comment why you run -- sorry no contest or give-away just motivation for the rest of us ... o.k. the other two people who actually read this blog!  Someday you never know who will read this?
This is enough motivation to run.  I don't need to PR in my races.  I just want to have fun and inspire those in my life to be healthy too.  Some day I am holding out hope my kids will run a 5k with me. 

After writing this blog last night ... I got up this morning and ran 11.5 miles this morning and I signed up for my first MARATHON.  So ... now I have to run!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Compression Socks

Its been awhile since I last posted cause I have been thinking of topics to write about that other people might find interesting.  I have so many thoughts but enough thinking... nobody will read what I don't write so its time to just write.  Again everything is a work in process and bound to get better as we learn.  So I am always open to suggestions or comments of what I can do to make this blog better. 

Today lets talk about SOCKS -- well really I mean Compression Socks!
  You know those crazy people you see out on the streets wearing knee socks -- those are actually compression socks.  I never imagined I would be one of those crazy runners ... but I love love my compression socks.  When you wear these socks in the winter nobody really knows you are wearing them.  Once the temperature starts rising though I have to make the decision to keep wearing them or ditch them to avoid the weird looks I get.

Thats me in my bright green compression sleeves -- LOVE THEM!

So, of course I decided to go with the weird looks.  How can you give up the benefit of compression socks just to avoid a few weird looks.  Most of the time, I forget I am even wearing them until I start talking to someone (I know imagine me talking!) and they kind of look at me weird. Then I remember what I am wearing. I get asked a lot what the deal is with my socks -- not sure if they understand but hopefully a few have tried them because they see me wearing them. If you have not tried them -- you really should -- I think you will be surprised how good they feel.

Now, I am not super fast or even fast... but I do still think my recovery from long runs is far shorter because I wear compression socks. 

Yesterday I went on a six mile run which I really did not feel like doing.  My body was achy and I just plain did not want to be out there.  After my run I wore my compression sleeves under my yoga pants all day -- with flip flops.  I woke up today feeling refreshed.  And nobody noticed I was wearing my bright green compression socks from CEP.  So I looked cute and felt good too.

Sometimes I wear them when I run and sometimes I wear them to recover -- if my run is long, like more than 5 miles I usually wear them while running.  If I am tired or feel yuky I might wear them the rest of the day also -- after I have showered -- and usually I put on a clean pair.  But I think find the right balance of when to wear them comes from experience and experimenting.  Everybody is different and might find something works for them that doesn't necessarily work for me. 

A few months ago Runners World had a pretty big article about all the different forms of compression.  I think if you go on their website you might be able to find an archive about it.  It is pretty interesting.  There are some really interesting compression pieces out there.  I have yet to try anything other than socks.  Next winter I might try compression tights.
Yes there are a ton of other benefits you get from compression socks also.  Supposedly your time can benefit from wearing compression socks -- honestly I am not fast enough to worry about shaving a few seconds off my time!  But you can get relief from shin splints, stabilization to ligaments, tendons and joints, reduced muscle strain and a quicker recovery. 

Give them a try or if you are currently wearing them and love them let me know.  I've only tried CEP Compression and have them in Hot Pink and Bright Green both the socks and the sleeves.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lets Start At the Beginning!

Didn't mean to take so long before writing my next post.

Still trying to figure this all out but can't really use that as an excuse if I don't actually try to figure it all out.

Today's topic! I think I'll just start at the beginning since we kicked off our spring No Boundaries session at Fleet Feet North Wales tonight.

Beginning of what? I guess I'm thinking the beginning of what could be a life changing experience. It was for me and for many of the participants in this awesome program sponsored by NewBalance! RUNNING!

Wow! I am thinking it's only been three years since I started running and it is pretty crazy -- so much has happened in that time!  Good and Bad but running pretty much has saved my life (not in a physical sense but an emotional one!) and is what keeps me going many days. Some days when I run I actually think I can walk faster than I run. I don't do it for speed. I do it for sanity, for friendship and for fun.

Most of my runs are with others. I'm usually the one talking nonstop and whoever I run with usually can't get a word in. But there are times when nobody talks and its ok just to be in the moment and hear our breath and heart beat. I ran just short of 11 miles yesterday -- by myself and no music.  Oh my gosh it was the best run I have ever had -- cleared my mind -- its pretty full these days but never have I ever done that much by myself.  I can not believe I did it.

I love sharing my passion to be a healthier person with others. If that means running a little slower some days I do it with a smile. I'm lucky enough right now to be able to work at Fleet Feet so it's easy to share my story with others. Running your first 5k is huge! Take it slow! Enjoy the journey, don't worry about your speed and have fun! It's only just begun !

Whats up next on the blog!  Not sure but I have some good ideas... stay tuned.  Promise it won't be so long until my next post!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Running Diva You Ask

So Day One of My Blog...
Jumping in with two feet.
I have no idea what I am doing so I hope you are o.k. following along as I learn.
It's kind of funny  thinking about it.  Do I really have anything interesting to say?  We will find out.

So my blog title is Running Diva -- its kind of a joke. I think I remember reading somewhere that a Diva means you are high maintenance.  I don't think I am that.  However, I am (or I am becoming) a strong, confident woman who is not afraid to speak her mind.  Five years ago I would never have used those words to describe myself.  I was a "go with the flow" kind of girl doing whatever everybody else wanted to do.  Well...if you know me ... I don't think you would describe me that way today (for the good and bad I suppose).  But alas that is a post for another day! 

Lately my daughter has even taken to calling me a Diva.  So I wonder, "What exactly is a Diva anyway?"  I was curious so I googled Diva (of course).  I was pleasantly surprised at what I think is an accurate statement of me.  I will have to say at first I thought Diva had some negative connotations to it.  To some it may but to me I will take it as a compliment. 

Here are some definitions of Diva that I found: a woman who is extremely talented....
...Being a diva is not in the clothes and the jewelery that one wears, nor does it pertain to race or color, it pertains to the God in you. The God in you produces the beauty in your outward appearance. ...

So find your inner -- Diva!  I am on the way to finding mine and it feels great (most of the time)!

Running Diva is or I hope it will be a blog about Running, Fitness, Health, Food and anything pertaining to life. 

Some days I might just post an interesting article I think is worth reading.  Others days I might need to vent on whats going on in my life.  I hate being personal and telling my deep dark secrets but hey we all have them and sometimes it just might help somebody else.  So, I'm laying it all out there.  You might get sick of me but as my profile suggests I am in a state of transition.  Now in the 40+ group, going through a divorce, dealing with child custody stuff and trying to better myself.  I go to school and work in my spare time!

So ... hopefuly you'll find something interesting to read along the way.  Oh and I run....I run to keep me sane and to get through the days.  It has become my saviour.  I'm no superhero and not breaking any speed barriers for sure.  I will run 2 half marathons this year and am contemplating running a marathon.  So I'll blog this year and you can see if I reach that milestone or not.  I wish I knew how it would end but I don't!
Come along for the ride!