Friday, April 20, 2012

Compression Socks

Its been awhile since I last posted cause I have been thinking of topics to write about that other people might find interesting.  I have so many thoughts but enough thinking... nobody will read what I don't write so its time to just write.  Again everything is a work in process and bound to get better as we learn.  So I am always open to suggestions or comments of what I can do to make this blog better. 

Today lets talk about SOCKS -- well really I mean Compression Socks!
  You know those crazy people you see out on the streets wearing knee socks -- those are actually compression socks.  I never imagined I would be one of those crazy runners ... but I love love my compression socks.  When you wear these socks in the winter nobody really knows you are wearing them.  Once the temperature starts rising though I have to make the decision to keep wearing them or ditch them to avoid the weird looks I get.

Thats me in my bright green compression sleeves -- LOVE THEM!

So, of course I decided to go with the weird looks.  How can you give up the benefit of compression socks just to avoid a few weird looks.  Most of the time, I forget I am even wearing them until I start talking to someone (I know imagine me talking!) and they kind of look at me weird. Then I remember what I am wearing. I get asked a lot what the deal is with my socks -- not sure if they understand but hopefully a few have tried them because they see me wearing them. If you have not tried them -- you really should -- I think you will be surprised how good they feel.

Now, I am not super fast or even fast... but I do still think my recovery from long runs is far shorter because I wear compression socks. 

Yesterday I went on a six mile run which I really did not feel like doing.  My body was achy and I just plain did not want to be out there.  After my run I wore my compression sleeves under my yoga pants all day -- with flip flops.  I woke up today feeling refreshed.  And nobody noticed I was wearing my bright green compression socks from CEP.  So I looked cute and felt good too.

Sometimes I wear them when I run and sometimes I wear them to recover -- if my run is long, like more than 5 miles I usually wear them while running.  If I am tired or feel yuky I might wear them the rest of the day also -- after I have showered -- and usually I put on a clean pair.  But I think find the right balance of when to wear them comes from experience and experimenting.  Everybody is different and might find something works for them that doesn't necessarily work for me. 

A few months ago Runners World had a pretty big article about all the different forms of compression.  I think if you go on their website you might be able to find an archive about it.  It is pretty interesting.  There are some really interesting compression pieces out there.  I have yet to try anything other than socks.  Next winter I might try compression tights.
Yes there are a ton of other benefits you get from compression socks also.  Supposedly your time can benefit from wearing compression socks -- honestly I am not fast enough to worry about shaving a few seconds off my time!  But you can get relief from shin splints, stabilization to ligaments, tendons and joints, reduced muscle strain and a quicker recovery. 

Give them a try or if you are currently wearing them and love them let me know.  I've only tried CEP Compression and have them in Hot Pink and Bright Green both the socks and the sleeves.


  1. I LOVE me some CEP!!!!!!! great post

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